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Dr. David Schmoldt hat am neuen Paper zum Thema Serious Games mitgeschrieben:




"SG4Mobility – Educational Game for Environment-friendly Mobility Behavior"


Stefan Göbel, Alvar Gámez-Zerban, Philipp Müller, Andreas Gilbert, Jason Christian, David Schmoldt


"SG4mobility is a science meets business research project funded by a regional agency for logistics and mobility in the state of Hesse, Germany. The project tackles the area of environment-friendly mobility behavior. For that, an educational game is conceptualised using gamification mechanisms and the concept of sliced serious games with a game world and mini-games. The game world is the real physical space, mini-games are provided in form of location-based quizzes and physical exercises. ..."


Das Paper wurde auf der 12th International Conference on Game Based Learning ECGBL 2019 vorgestellt.


DOI: 10.34190/GBL.19.092


E-Book ISBN: 978-1-912764-37-2

E-Book ISSN: 2049-100X

Book version ISBN: 978-1-912764-38-9

Book Version ISSN: 2049-0992

Published by Academic Conferences and Publishing International Limited Reading








Neuer Fachbeitrag über smart medication von Dr. Andreas Rösch und Dr. David Schmoldt auf der VDE Expertenplattform für Medical Software!

"Electronic Diaries and the Problem of Patient Compliance

Electronic diaries on smartphones are enjoying increasing popularity among health apps. Whether it is a calorie diary for the treatment of obesity or a diary for the telemonitoring of a rare chronic disease. The only problem: Patients use the app in the first weeks as planned. However, over time interest and consequently patient compliance decrease. Thus, the diary loses the quality required for monitoring by the doctor. A major reason for poor compliance is often the cumbersome keyboard entry via the smartphone app. Just a few clicks, for recurring diary entries, demotivate the patients. For example, many patients consider the login with username and password to be “too cumbersome” in the long run. Patients demand a maximum of ease of use. Therefore, usability is a critical success factor for electronic diaries."


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